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Do you live in Lakeland, Florida or the surrounding areas? Are you looking to create the perfect finishing for your concrete surface? If so, you have several types of finishing to choose from. Contrary to popular belief, installing concrete doesn’t just involve mixing the aggregates and pouring it into forms. This is just a part of the job. To finish the project, you have to level the surface while it’s still wet and create the perfect finish. Concrete finishes not only make your work look great but also they also have a purpose. Some of them promote safety while others make the place enduring eye-catching.

Our company, Lakeland Concrete Services is a leading concrete contractor in Lakeland Fl that is committed to helping you create the best finish for your concrete surface. We have highly trained staff with all the necessary tools to create beautiful finishes. Here are some of the types of finishes we can create for you

Troweled Finish

After flattening the poured concrete with a screed, we can work the surface with a special type of trowel to create a fine, smooth surface. We can do this by machine or hand depending on the size of the surface.

Broom Finish

This type of finishing is similar to trowel finishing but rougher. We first level the concrete surface then close it by troweling. After this, we drag a special type of broom on the surface to create a rougher texture. This makes it look nice and provide more traction. It’s commonly used for areas that usually get slippery when wet like the swimming pool area or driveway.

Exposed Aggregate Finish

With an exposed aggregate finish, the aggregates in the concrete mixture are usually left exposed to create a rough surface. Different aggregates can be used to create a unique surface, like marble or stone. The aggregates can be seashells, attractive stones, granite, colored glass, or other materials. To create this finish, concrete is first poured, leveled and troweled. Next, it’s treated overnight with a special chemical that works by slowing the hardening of the surface. Then, water is used to wash the surface to remove the upper layer, thus exposing the beneath aggregate. Exposed aggregate finishing creates a safe, non-slip surface, making it both attractive and functional. It’s good for breezeways, sidewalks, and porches.

Stamped Concrete Finish

This finishing gives a unique decorative texture to the surface. Stamping is usually used to add visual interest and texture to a concrete surface. To accomplish this surface, panels with unique designs are placed onto the uncured concrete. This gives the concrete a textured and patterned look. Concrete stamps usually come in different designs such as stone, tile, brick, or other designs. Concrete stamping techniques aim to make concrete look like other building materials. The look can be very convincing especially when you add a color stain.

Stained Concrete

This is achieved by adding color to the concrete after leveling and curing. The color is protected by adding a sealer on top of it. These are some of the concrete finishes we can create for you if you hire us. Make your concrete look like a work of art by choosing any of the above finishes.

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